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SWPF(Sohar Wooden Pallets) factory is located in Sohar Industrial Area within close proximity to the refinery and other industries. The Plant commercial Operation was started in February 2011.

The factory is equipped with a fully automatic line that is considered the first of its kind in the Gulf area enabling us to produce a large range of pallets, whether standard or customized. Our automated production line was sourced from Europe for the manufacturing of Chemical Industry Wooden Pallets (CP-4 & CP-7) and other types with top quality. Our process are automated and manual production line capacity capable to produce under any level of requirements. We can increase the production capacity by working 16 Hours, 2 shifts daily with production capacity.

Currently (10) Omanis work in the factory. and we are planning to hire additional (4) Omanis which includes also recruiting Omani carpenter’s.

The Sohar Wooden Pallets Factory has (24) skillful employees, including (10) Omanis-working full time at the factory

Our Approach

Advancing Regime's
Domestic And Foreign

We provide solutions to enhance the business of our customers, whilst creating better technologies that benefits everyone. We are recognized for leadership in our industries and by those we serve.

  • Products that meet highest standard requirements
  • First class customer services
  • Complete deliveries on time
  • Have highest safety standards at our plant

We are a successful company that provides superior products and services that satisfy customer need

We will maintain a high leverl of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism. While demonstrating a caring attitude toward employees and customers

Our aim to manufacture and supply the highest quality pallets at prices which are clearly affordable to all our customers. We pursue excellence in all areas of our business in our manufacturing process, in our products and in our service. It is our intention to achieve this by offering

Chairman and Managing Director Message

Ahmed Hamood Al Siyabi

Our primary focus is based on team relationships which has enabled SWPF to become one of the leading Producing Wooden Pallets company in Sohar Region of Sultanate of Oman. We are also keen on providing a focused working environment that allows the highest level of professionalism, safety, and competence. Playing a vital role in our care for our customers is our expert team of professionals – some of whom have been with us for decades!

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